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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

accidently meet this lacy dress..

This Black Lace Dress, i found it accindently..
i go to plaza semanggi and accompany my friend to buy "takoyaki"..
in front of the Takoyaki's booth, there's a cloth store..
once u see it..it seems 'lil bit tawdry.
twice more catchy..
three times is AWSOME.

i found this lace dress for $16
even i have to borrow my friends money.
i love this dress..

this is one of my BEST dress.
lucky me :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

this is my lovely pet.
his name is PUTA.
his type is PERSIAN HIMALAYAN..he is so cute.
love him so damn much.

miss him everyday

Saturday, August 22, 2009

love it love it !!!

Love this Shoes!!!
i'm dying for have it..
Grey Ankle Platform Shoes

Jeans is longlasting style.

jeans are in now!! i think fashion is back to 80's..
when jeans are so famous..
maybe, jeans are forever-wearable thingy that never have ending..

yeah, well jeans have many type and innovation depend on u.
these are the examples:

Over-Sized Denim Top u can wear it as:
*outer + tank
*top + tight pants
*inner + vest

Jacket (long jacket/Cropped) u can do it like:
*acid color for make it more fashionable
*make it ripped more rebel
*get the studs looks punk
*add the lace in some part

Denim Skirt DIY project:
*acid color is a must
*get some ripped in some parts
*cutted accent make it cool
*lil bit studs on the list

Hmmpph.. in mid year, acid washed jeans are hip in fashion world.

ripped jeans, shreded jeans, cutted shortpants, washed jacket, cropped jacket jeans, etc

Jeans is longlasting style.

you can wear it all the time being. just combine it with ur taste of fashion..

its fun..hhahha ^^

Be a creative with JEANS.. because DENIM JEANS is never-ending fashion
decide what jeans u like most to wear.
maybe, u can be the trend setter for DIY DENIM PROJECT.


Friday, August 21, 2009

another ways to wear BLAZER

my Friend's Blazer.
the color is Blue but almost Grey
so, what shud we called it??
Gradation Color Blazer.
i mix it with my nu Blue Tennis Skirt from Pasar Baroe
it cost just $2 ( Rp. 20.000). how cheap is it, rait??

yeay!!love how to combo it.
it perfects for me.
Grey Blazer and Acid Washed Jeans
weew.looks awsome.
yet, the model is beautiful. Her name is Tara.
do you know she is a Medical Student. and she had her Doctor tittle.
Great job, Tara!!^^

this one is
Black Blazer+White Tank+Short
the model is too skinny, but i love the expression.
her name is Tika. She is my Friend's sister, Alex.
Alex is big..hahha, what a different bro-sis!!

Still blazer.
but i mixed it with White Rampel Skirt
sum friends don't like my skirt.
they told me, i like a cheerleader.
but i love it. i still wear it.
don't care what people say about it

all the pictures in this blog are photosession.
i have my online store called it 'Vintagevictim Online Store'
me and hani are the owner. just visit us on Facebook..
seacrh: Vintagevictim Online Store

Sooooo, what do you think??
are those inspired you..??
or u want to add another ways to wear Blazer.
welcome ^^..love it to share with u.

Cutted Jeans+Blue blazer

try too mix diy cutted washed jeans with blue blazer.
and i LOVE it so much.

add it with scarf, sum accessories
not to much just 'lil bit catchy.

what do you think??
u like it??
if it yes, just give me a HYPE..
hahahhaa ^^