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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Sweet Escape

this is my sweet escape HOLIDAY-trip wif my magister friends.
after we passed our mid-term test.

eventhough, we didn;t know the result, but i think we need a refreshing..rait??hhehe

we go to PVJ (Paris Van Java) and we took a lot of picture there..i got a t-shirt for my boy and u know what it's renovation sale.hahhahaa..how lucky i am!!.

in that picture are (from left to right):

Bee i called her, her truly name is Fitri Wulan Berlianist. She's so pretty with Black Leather Jacket and Black Mini Dress

Vano, he's one of the man who accompany us..beside his mainly job as a driver.HAHHAHAA. *piss
his style is great with tshirt mix it red-tartan shirt and cargo pants. too great combination!!!

Wee, she's so silly and cheers every time i saw her. she has a lot of clothes.hahaha, on that day she wore white mini dress and tartan shirt. perfect!!

the other boy is isen, he's so smart in class..hahaha, he looks like lazy but he knows exactly what the proffesor said. he wore t-shirt mixed with purple tartan shirt and shirt-cargo pants. nice try!!

the orange-tartan boy is my hubby..yeay!!!


  1. Fantastic, you are so adorable!

    lovely blog :)

    Cheers, Jesa