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Friday, April 16, 2010

HELIOS got his first birthday cake

Last Tuesday is my boyfriend birthday..
i don't have any present,

actually, i wanna make a birthday cake on my own.
but i haven't buy the ingredients and i doubt about the taste..hehhee

so, i decided to buy this cake..
and i choose blueberry cheese cake because of cheese cake is my favourite.

and you know what??
this is his first birthday cake.hahaha.
and i'm glad this cake from me..

sorry for unprepared birthday yankii, i wanna make something special but i don't know how.
thanks god, item..fikar and finally mustank came. at least, u don't feel alone at ur birthday.

i love u so much, yankii
hope i always be the first who say happy birthday.
and i'm still standing beside u as your wife :)

congratz! for ur first cake :) :)

once again.



  1. happy birthday to your dearest friend from me..

    thank you for following me!!

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